Services Summary

Crest has developed a proprietary management application over the last 15 years. In the previous 3 years this software has been extensively rewritten as a private cloud based application hosted in a secure datacenter.

The Crest application allows us to effectively track each home we manage with full violation history, architectural change history, homeowner correspondence and calls. We can inspect over 2,700 homes each day, creating and mailing all violation letters the same day as the inspection. All architectural change applications are tracked from receipt all the way through communicating the decision to the homeowner.

The board has 24/7 access to our proprietary Board Portal. The portal gives secure access to all Association:

* Documents

* Financial Reports

* Homeowner records and correspondence

* Architectural Change Requests with online processing

* Action Item List of all maintenance requests and status

Through the Homeowner Payment Portal, homeowners are able to access their account at any time of the day and pay their assessments. Through integration with the bank lockbox and Crest accounting systems funds are deposited into the Association’s account and applied to the homeowner’s account the next business day.
Our intent is to provide accurate, timely financial reporting that allows the board to make fully informed decisions regarding the community and for the financial process to be fully transparent to board members and homeowners.

Full financial reports are provided to the board by the 15th of each month. Crest maintains Association financials on an accrual basis, but can provide them on a cash basis at the request of the board. All financial reports are published to a secure Board Portal for 24/7 access by the board. Financial records are retained online consistent with the Association’s retention policy.

All financial reports are customizable to meet the needs of the Association including a custom Chart of Accounts. Financial reports are designed to be easily readable with sufficient detail to understand the impact of financial decisions.

Typical financial reports package includes:

1. Balance Sheet

2. Income Statement

3. General Ledger

4. Accounts Receivable Report

5. Bank Statements

6. Bank Reconciliation Report

All Association funds are maintained in separate accounts. Association funds are never co-mingled with Crest funds.

Crest prefers that the board review and approve all checks. We utilize an online accounts payable portal, Payables Lockbox (Strongroom Solutions), to provide for review and approval. The portal maintains a complete history of all invoices (including an image of the invoice) for 7 years. The archive is easily searchable.

We prefer that all utility providers be placed on auto draft. All utility auto drafts are reconciled monthly to the Association’s bank statement.

Crest will prepare a draft budget in September each year for the board to review and revise.

Assessments are billed in November with homeowners automatically given the option to make 3 payments (November, December, and January) at no cost. An online payments portal is provided that allows payment by credit card for a $14.95 convenience fee or by eCheck at no charge. All payments by check are directed to the Association’s lockbox for processing and direct placement into the Association’s account.
Our intent with the compliance process is to enforce the deed restrictions in a consistent, fair manner that is in agreement with the community standards as dictated by the board. Our goal is to quickly resolve violations while treating the homeowner with respect and dignity.

All Deed Restriction Compliance inspections are conducted by 2 employees in a Crest provided vehicle. We utilize a laptop with a proprietary database application to record the inspection.

The application maintains a complete history of active and cured violations for the inspectors’ reference. All letters are printed and mailed the same day as the inspection.

Letters are signed by the inspector (Assistant Manager) with full contact details (phone number and email address) in the signature.

This allows homeowners to easily contact the inspector if they have concerns or questions regarding the violation.

Complete inspection reports are available 24/7 to the board on the Board Portal. These reports are sortable and searchable. Inspection reports are also included with the board meeting packet.

Crest will receive all architectural change applications and review them for completeness prior to submission to the Architectural Review Committee. Crest will correspond with homeowner regarding decision and maintain accurate records of all exterior modification requests.
Community Management
Community Management
Crest Management emphasizes a team approach to managing communities. A team of 3 people is assigned to every association. The Association’s team is supported by administrative staff and Crest leadership.

Community Manager:

* Responds to all board / homeowner requests in a timely manner

* Manages / coordinates board activities

* Prepares for and attends board meetings, prepares minutes for board approval

* Prepares for and attends annual meetings, prepares minutes for member approval

* Coordinates maintenance and repair of common area items

* With input from board prepares RFPs and solicits proposals from vendors

* Reviews financial statements each month to make recommendations to the board on potential actions

* Reviews Enforcement Action report with board to make recommendations on next actions

* Serves as primary contact with the association’s attorney, Monitors Attorney Status Report

Assistant Manager:

* Responds to all board / homeowner requests in a timely manner

* Conducts Deed Restriction inspection, prepares and mails letters

* Receipts ARC applications and coordinates with ARC committee

* Fulfills requests for pool tags and other access devices

* Sends Welcome Packet to all new homeowners

* Coordinates rentals of community facilities where applicable
Our intent is to cause all comment elements to be maintained in a cost-effective manner consistent with community standards and the direction of the board.

The manager and assistant manager will conduct inspections of all common areas and facilities at least monthly and on an as-needed basis based on input from residents and board members.

The manager will make maintenance recommendations to the board and prepare requests for proposals based on input from the board. Proposals will be solicited from qualified vendors.

Oversight will be provided to all Association vendors to insure performance relative to approved proposal or contract terms.

An action item list will be provided as part of the board package detailing all ongoing maintenance issues and their current status.

Crest has developed an extensive list of qualified service providers for all services required by Homeowners Associations. Preferred providers are designated based on input from management and boards. Crest has no financial interest in any vendor and receives no compensation from any vendor.

When an emergency occurs outside of business hours homeowners are able to reach the manager or assistant manager by calling the office and being connected to our 24 hour answering service. Board members and key vendors are provided with the manager’s cell phone number for emergency use.