1.     Who do I make my check payable to?
a.         Make your check payable to your association.
2.     Can I pay with a money order?
a.Yes, be sure to make the money order payable to the Association and make sure your account number is
written on it.
3.     What is my account number?
a.     The account number can be found on your statement. If you no longer have your account number you may contact our office to obtain it.
4.     Can I pay using a credit card?
a.Yes, pay online using a credit card by going to www.crest-management.com and following the "Pay Assessments" link to your association. You will need your account number in order to make a payment. There is a $14.95 fee to pay with a credit card. This fee is paid to the credit card processing company not to the association or Crest.
5.     Can I pay online?
a.        Yes, a payment using an eCheck can be made online by going to www.crest-management.com and; following the "Pay Assessments" link to your association. You will need your account number in-order to make a payment. There is no fee to pay with an eCheck.
6.     Can I pay over the phone?
a.     No, but paying online is available (see above).
7.  Can I get a copy of my statement?
a.   Yes just contact our office.


8.   Where do I mail my payment?
a.     Mail your payment to:
               <Association Name>
               c/o Crest Management Inc.
PO Box  219320
Houston, Texas 77218
9.     Where are your offices located?
a.17171 Park Row, Suite 310, Houston, Texas 77084 — office hours are 9 AM — 5 PM, closed on Fridays
from Noon —1 PM.
Please note: If you plan to pay in person please remember that we cannot accept cash or credit you must pay with a check or money order.
10.  How much do I owe?
a.Please contact our office.
11.     How do I update my mailing address?
a.        Please send an email to your account rep. The email should include the name of the association, the
property address and the new mailing address.