Under The Hood Of Your HOA


​​Over 60 million homeowners all over the U.S. live in a community governed by an association and over 70% believe that the community association and its board of directors enhance the value of their home and their experience of living in that neighborhood. Still, there are critics often heard over the praise.
We think it’s quite possible that there is a good deal of work the HOA does behind the scenes that makes the community a special place to live and raise a family. Like the engine that makes your car run, there is more happening under the hood than you think about while you are running errands around town. As you read the following services that the Community Manager and HOA board of directors provide, imagine the state of your neighborhood without them:
i Community services¾these may include securing trash collection, publishing newsletters, sending electronic mail communications, orienting new owners, holding community-wide information meetings, scheduling recreational and social functions, and managing social media communications.
i Governance services¾these can include ensuring that residents are complying with the association’s governing documents, association adherence to local, state, and federal statutes (like fair housing laws), enforcing community rules and policies, holding regular meetings that facilitate overall management of the community, administering design review policies, and recruiting new volunteer leaders.
i Business services¾these can include operating the common property efficiently, bidding maintenance work competitively, creating annual budgets, investing reserve funds wisely, manage annual board elections, proxy collection, developing long-range plans, as well as equitably and efficiently collecting assessments.
Good management, strong planning and organization, and expert knowledge of local and federal law is required. Of course, we recommend working with an accredited management company such as Crest Management. The knowledgeable staff at Crest Management will deliver these service, fairly and effectively, thereby protecting and enhancing the value of your home and the entire neighborhood.